Drum Pakk 1 -Dj Chap

Drum Pakk 1 -Dj Chap

Artist:Dj Chap
Title: Drum Pakk 1
Release Date: January 6, 2016
Catalog No: DP0009
Label: Discos Peligrosa

Dj Chap is an active member of the footwork crew Teklife and hails from Denver, Colorado. His capacity to conform various musical stylings to his own puts Dj Chap in a unique class of producers who are constantly pushing the boundaries of music in clubs and cultural spaces alike. This first official solo EP by Dj Chap on Discos Peligrosa, Drum Pakk 1, clarifies the certainty that Dj Chap is a maverick with an ardent and keen ear for eccentric dance music.

Drum Pakk 1 is inspired by the raw, crude and often imposing nature of favelas. Elaborating on Baile Funk, Dj Chap integrates the hypnotizing techniques of Footwork into these five short tracks, melding two familiar genres into a new esoteric and rare style.

Dj Chap’s Drum Pakk 1 is a look into the mindful tinkerings of an artist determined to explore the awkward permutations of dance music. It is positively awkward and a pleasantly unwavering.

“I want these tracks to inspire my peers to make odd dance music.” – Dj Chap

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Drum Pakk 1 - Dj Chap