Truena El Sonidero – NurryDog

Truena El Sonidero – NurryDog

Title: Truena el Sonidero
Release Date: November 17th , 2017
Catalog No: DP0014
Label: Discos Peligrosa

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Monterrey, Mexico resident Hugo de León, aka Nurrydog, brings his neo urban globalized sounds to Discos Peligrosa. A veteran of the Peligrosa parties, Nurrydog brings his love of the stage to his debut studio EP Truena el Sonidero. Bass heavy and ready for the mainstage, Truena el Sonidero delivers a melancholic aggression that burst through the speakers like an chainsaw slicing through wood. Crafted from street fashion, modern art and folklore, the EP takes exploration of left field electronic bass music that intermingles with latin rhythms intended to challenge the paradigms of established genres.

The EP is layered with production and vocals by Nurrydog. Selectha 64000 is a clash between Cumbia Rebajada and trap infused electronic bass music that coexist as an invitation to dance (64000 is a head nod to the area code of the center of Monterrey). Paño cuts forward through an accordion filled jungle like a macheté. Y Que No Va is a contemplative track, both mellifluous and head nodding, that certifies Nurrydog’s ability to utilize dissonance to create harmony. The closing track Suenalo easily traverses the landscape between hard core heavy electronic dance music and chopped Cumbia. Truena el Sonidero reassures us that there is no time to rest because after all, it’s time to party.

Selectha 64000 comes with a music video directed and edited in Monterrey, Mexico by Macario Leal. Truena el Sonidero releases November 17th on Discos Peligrosa.

NurryDog - Truena El Sonidero on Discos Peligrosa